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Mistakes that many people do make when they are betting on football

Betting on sports in bookmakers has not lost its popularity for the last hundred years. There are two reasons for this: people like risk and easy money. Statistics show that about 80% of players are losing or “broke”. And only 15-20% are in the black.

That said, there are professional players whose only source of income is betting. They develop their system, constantly analyzing available information, probably using some insider information, making the most profitable predictions about sport. However, only a few players reach this level.

When you place a bet with real money, the experts recommend putting aside all premonitions and omens. The results of a sporting event are a legitimate outcome based on real statistics and facts bet you want to make:

How does this work in practice? You see that a bookmaker has set an inflated odd for a certain game. Your gut feeling tells you that the company is wrong, and you have a chance to make good money. However, when you notice such events at betting sites in India, be sure to take note of the following facts:

  • odds are calculated by experienced analysts based on statistical data and unique insiders;
  • bookmakers are most interested in their profits and calculate bets taking into account all the risks.

Betting companies, such as odds2win, are rarely wrong about the vector of events. So, when making your final decision, think about it: You might have missed important news about the upcoming match and now you need to gather more information. The best predictions can be found at https://odds2win.bet/predictions/football.

Ignoring basic strategies

The importance of learning and using strategies when placing bets on sports events is completely ignored by punters who bet for fun, because it means spending time and effort on studying a lot of material, and what fun is that? Nevertheless, using betting strategies is a great way to improve your chances of winning, which is the ultimate goal for every player.

Using ineffective strategies

If you are using a particular system or strategy to place a bet online in India, try it out in a test mode with small stakes. If it turns out that a particular betting system is not as effective as it seemed, feel free to try other strategies until you find a system that works.

Unwillingness to keep track of your bets

People tend to remember positive events and forget about negative ones. Because of this, many sports bettors claim to be successful, but they don’t make any money in sports betting. Keeping track of every single bet you make can help you become a true professional, identifying your best and worst betting strategies, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

Beware of combined bets

The most common mistake among “new” bettors at the betting shops is to play combination bets that contain a large number of events. Experienced punters sometimes call such bets “cassettes” because of the long list of matches. Theoretically, combo bets have the same advantages, they help you greatly increase your odds and win a much larger amount than your bet online. Unfortunately, they involve a very high risk, because every lost match ruins the entire coupon.

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