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How to deal with the cards and calculate your score in baccarat games?


Playing baccarat doesn’t need rocket science. You do not have to have the highest IQ for you to play the game either. The game is very simple and it can be played with everyone and anyone. One good thing about บาคาร่าออนไลน์ is that punters do not need a lot of money for them to play the game. With a few dollars, you can play, enjoy, and even make profits from the game. Baccarat is very simple most especially when you are playing mini-baccarat. With mini-baccarat, the dealer will have to do almost everything for you. All you have to do when playing baccarat is placing your bet.

Cards dealing in baccarat

In บาคาร่าออนไลน์ gaming, two cards are dealt. The first one is the player’s card and the second card is the banker’s card. Each hand has two cards that are normally placed face up. Unless you are playing the high roller baccarat suit, the dealer will simply set all the cards on the baccarat table. Before the cards are dealt, it is a requirement that all players on the table place their bets. You only have two options which are choosing the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. You also have the third option which is betting on a possible tie. Although a tie is an option, it is not recommended. This is because a tie is something that is not easy to happen.

Calculating baccarat scores

The next step after your cards have been dealt is trying to calculate your scores. Once the cards have been dealt, the next step should be to calculate the cards in each hand. Cards one to nine are always worth their face up but the Ace cards are worth one point and any face cards have a value of zero. If you calculate and the total is worth two digits, you will have to drop the first digit. This means that the second digit will be your actual score. If your total is 14, your actual score will be 4. The main aim of this game is to get a value or a score that is closer to 9.

If you happen to deal an eighth or a nine, that will be treated as a natural win and the game will have ended. When there is no natural win, a third card is dealt.

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