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Best Fantasy Cricket App in 2022

In a country where more than half of the population are ardent followers of sports, the growth of Fantasy Sports is not a surprise at all. In recent times, the Indian sports industry has witnessed a steep surge in Fantasy Sports. The major reason behind the flourishing of Fantasy Sports is the opportunity it provides to sports fanatics to get connected to their favorite sport by participating in it virtually. It allows sports enthusiastic to become active participants of their favorite sport rather than being passive viewers.

Fantasy Cricket forms an integral part of the Fantasy Sports industry. In fantasy cricket users can participate in any virtual contest of their choice by creating their team of XI involving real-time players & earn rewards based on their performances in real-time matches. Cricket has a great fan following in India & this is the major reason behind the immense growth of Fantasy Cricket Apps in India.

Myriad Fantasy cricket Apps are present in the Indian gaming market. All these apps boast of the myriad benefits & rewards users will get by indulging in online gaming on their sites. But cutting the clutter & choosing the right ‘Fantasy Cricket App’ which will provide you with a seamless user experience, secure transactions & ample exciting rewards is hard to find. And with PSL 2022 already going on & IPL 2022 just a month away, there will be no reason for you to stay away from the zest & fervor of Fantasy Cricket.

So to get you started & to help you to choose the best ‘fantasy cricket app’ available in the market. We have jotted down the best fantasy Cricket Apps in 2022 that will help you to get going by providing a seamless & secure fantasy gaming experience:

  1. Buaksib:

 A new entrant in the market of Fantasy Gaming, Buaksib is one of the best fantasy cricket app available in the online gaming industry. Buaksib allows its users to play online cricket & soccer with a chance to win bonus coins & real time cash prizes in every match they play.

What is rare about this app is that whenever you log in to Buaksib after signing up you earn ‘daily check-in bonus coins’ with each passing day. The bonus is given in the following pattern- 10 coins one day, 20 coins on day 2, 30 coins on day 3, 50 coins on Day 4, 100 coins on Day 5 & 200 coins on Day 6. The users even earn 10 bonus coins in addition to a 100 Rs sign-up bonus on the ‘Buaksib App’. Users could use this 100Rs sign-up bonus to participate in any contest of their choice.

One distinct feature of the ‘Buaksib’ app is that it provides the users with a deposit bonus whenever they deposit a certain amount of money in the app. The minimum deposit amount is 50 Rs & the maximum deposit amount is 5000 Rs. It’s a win-win situation for the users as they win exciting real cash bonuses on the amount deposited along with winning real cash prizes by playing various contests available on the App. Currently, users could participate in the ongoing PSL Fantasy League on the App & win real-time cash prizes. Isn’t it enticing?

Buaksib App provides a unique chance to earn bonus points through its referral feature. When a user’s friend sign-up, the user & his friend both will earn Rs 100 & when a user friend deposits money in the App the user will get 1% of his/her friend’s deposited cash. The never-ending pool of rewards along with a User-friendly Interface, secure transactions, reliability, authenticity, huge cash prizes, instant withdrawals are the features that make Buaksib the best Fantasy Cricket App in the Fantasy Gaming industry.

  1. Dream11:

One of the oldest Fantasy Cricket App, dream11 is among the top players in the Fantasy Gaming Market. Other than cricket Dream11 allows its users to indulge in other Fantasy sports such as Football, Basketball, Kabaddi, Rugby, handball, baseball, volleyball & NFL.

When best Fantasy Cricket Apps are talked about, Dream11 make it to the list as it aims at providing the best user experience along with exciting rewards. Users just need to create a virtual team on the Dream11 platform & participate in their various contests such as mega contests, head-to-head contests, low-entry contests, big winning & winner takes all contests to earn big!

Introduced in the year 2008, Dream 11 boasts a user-base of more than eight crore & 50 crore plus daily winners with 4.4 ratings. MS Dhoni is the Brand Ambassador for the Dream11 App. Dream11 is widely preferred by fantasy cricket lovers due to the myriad benefits it offers to its users. Cool interface, Big pool of real-time players, huge prize pool, variety of contests are the exclusive feature of Dream11 that makes it one of the best Fantasy Cricket App in 2022. If you believe that you have immense knowledge of Cricket & you can do wonders in fantasy cricket then you should opt for Dream11.

  1. MPL:

When you browse for best Fantasy Cricket App on google, ‘en number’ of options come to your screen. But MPL is the only Fantasy Cricket App that has come up in a legal format & is listed on Play Store. MPL enjoys a huge user-base of more than 4 crore & is one of the best fantasy cricket app available in the market.

MPL offers its users a golden opportunity to win from every single game they play as on the MPL app there are different offers running 24/7 which enables its users to win every time they play a contest. With MPL Fantasy Cricket App you can win big by playing IPL 2022 and also instantly withdraw your amount in wallets like Paytm, UPI, Amazon Pay, and Bank Transfer. So if you aim to earn everyday rewards by indulging in a seamless fantasy cricket experience, MPL should be your choice. The exciting rewards it offers along with secure transactions make it one of the best fantasy Cricket app in 2022.

  1. PlayerzPot

Right from its inception, Playerzpot has made its prominent place in the Fantasy Sports Industry. The major highlight of this fantastic app is that it provides its users with more than one reward feature. Yes, you have heard it right, Playerzpot rewards its winners with cash amounts and goodies. It also possesses a unique feature known as weekly login wherein players could win exciting prizes & goodies on regular basis via the game’s weekly task. The app currently has more than 7 million users & holds almost 100+ contests every day.

 An impressive user interface, dual reward & weekly login feature are the three unique highlights of the Playerzpot app that makes it one of the best fantasy cricket app available in the market. This app also treats its users with real-time match updates & the opportunity to win big through their referral program.

Its exciting rewards & enticing user-friendly features make it a go-to app for playing Fantasy cricket in 2022.

5) Fan2Play

When best Fantasy Cricket App in 2022 is talked about Fan2Play is the one that comes to our mind. One of the distinct features of the Fan2Play app is that you don’t have to necessarily choose a team of 11 as you can choose 2,3 or 4 players & enter the contest of your choice with no credit limit. You could also play 1 to 1 contests with your family & friends where you can choose your perfect team of 11 & there would be only one winner in the contest. The users could enter the contest with their best 11 players & earn points based on the performance of their selected players. The winner of the contest depends upon how many points the players gain. The unique features & exciting rewards that Fan2Play offers to its users make it one of the best Fantasy Cricket App in the market.

These are the best 5 fantasy cricket app in 2022 which is a must-try for all Fantasy Sports lovers. The best on the list ‘Buaksib should be your first choice if you want to earn real-time cash prizes by playing Fantasy Cricket.

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