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Advantages of Bitcoin Casino vs. Traditional Casino

In today’s technological world, Bitcoin has become one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies and is being accepted as a regular currency to gamble in online casinos. There are numerous advantages of using Bitcoins over traditional currency for online gambling. You will find a long casinos list accepting bitcoins as they provide very tight security and anonymity to the players. Most players are unaware of how the crypto currency can be used on gambling sites and are generally suspicious of using Bitcoin. However, one has to always move according to the current trend, and Bitcoin is becoming the most acceptable form of currency exchange on online sites. Here we will discuss the points of how using Bitcoin gambling is advantageous over the traditional mode of gambling.

Transparency – Traditional casinos have a very bad reputation as they are known for concealing information about their winnings from their customers. They also are known to use a trick that always gives them an edge over the players, and hence the game played is never on equal terms. The players are not aware o\f these tricks, and they continue gambling and lose a lot of money without actually knowing the reason behind their losses. Traditional casinos take advantage of this situation in an unethical manner.

Bitcoin casinos are more reliable and have completely eradicated the unethical tricks that give Bitcoin casinos an edge over the winnings. Since Bitcoins casinos are an online mode, they are transparent, and they work digitally where the results of the game cannot be modified to help a particular person. It helps to ensure a positive relationship by providing transparency and eliminating all forms of unscrupulous dealings.

Safety and Security – traditional casinos mandate their customers to furnish their personal information like their credit and d debit card details and also their location. Providing these confidential data online can be a very risky affair where they have to furnish a lot of their personal details and fill up a form that further aggravates this.

Gambling on Bitcoin casino guarantees that the player’s personal information is completely safeguarded and has eliminated the need to furnish the personal details of their credit and debit cards. Payment to Bitcoin casinos is channeled through a Bitcoin wallet and address that are both digital. It completely eliminates the task of filling in their personal information like address, name, and others. Logging in to the casino is also easier and quicker, as one need not fill in all the details otherwise required in the case of traditional casinos. These points make Bitcoin casinos safe and secure to play on.

Betting is Cheaper – Traditional Online casinos charge their customers huge costs related to transactions and deposits. The players also have to pay taxes and duties on the winnings, which have a huge impact on the total amount they have actually earned.

In Bitcoin casinos, these costs are negligible and, at most times, almost nil. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and hence not regulated by any governments or central banks, making these transactions cheaper and avoiding taxes on most occasions. Players have to pay very low withdrawals and deposits, making Bitcoin casinos more profitable than traditional ones.

Convenience – Bitcoin currency can be used from any nook and corner of the world. The player can play from any country, even when those countries do not have reliable access to online casinos. Bitcoin casinos are also more reliable, and it helps the players not to join the illegal gambling sites where they may lose all their money at any moment. This is because Bitcoins are only allowed on those sites with proper licenses and follow the rules and regulations. Bitcoin casinos give the players full access to their earnings, and they can easily withdraw their winnings from anywhere and at any moment. Whereas, in traditional casinos, players playing from countries where gambling is restricted mostly land up losing their winnings and get cheated by the casino operators in those countries. They cannot even go and complain anywhere because of the unregulated nature of the casino.

Bonuses and Promotions – Bitcoin casinos offer their players lucrative bonuses and promotions. Players generally overlook these bonuses that they receive from Bitcoin casinos. Still, it is a very important reason to gamble on Bitcoin sites as these bonuses and promotions help them to negate their losses as well. Mostly all Bitcoin casinos offer joining bonus rewards which may vary from 1 BTC to 5 BTC. The other rewards and bonuses are like free spins and cashback bonuses, which are awarded quite frequently. These Bitcoin sites also offer players tickets for special events like poker tournaments as well. Whereas in traditional casinos, players are hardly rewarded with bonuses for their spending.

Valuation – Bitcoins are the most preferred cryptocurrency amongst all the other cryptocurrencies available in the market, giving the best return on investment. The valuation of Bitcoin in 2017 was around 1000 USD which has now risen to 40000 USD. In a span of 4-5 years, the valuation of Bitcoin increased 40 times and is expected to become the most valued currency in the world very soon. By, just keeping the winnings of the online casino in Bitcoin increases the net worth of the person. The price of Bitcoin is subject to market variation as well. The person keeping a tab on the increasing and decreasing market value of Bitcoins can earn a lot of money by trading in Bitcoin to sell and purchase at the opportune time. Traditional casinos do not offer any such opportunity to their players.

Game Variety – Bitcoin gambling sites are modern and are loaded with all the latest features like live dealer casino games or blackjack, roulette, slot machines, spin the wheel, and many others. These live casino games are extremely exciting and help in improving the customer’s experience. Bitcoin casino offers all the games that the traditional casino offers. At the same time, they provide 99% payouts.

 Hence comparing Bitcoin casinos with traditional casinos list, Bitcoin casinos have huge advantages over traditional casinos as they are more modern and offer better return and customer satisfaction. People gambling on Bitcoin casino is keeping up with time as it has become the latest trend.

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