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A Guide To Rigged Online Slots

One of the greatest fears of gamblers these days is getting cheated out of money due to rigged online slots. Since the casinos don’t have any control over their slots, you need to be careful while selecting slots for yourself.

However, is this general problem among slots? How can you find out whether the online slot is counterfeited? Don’t fret! This guide will dive deeper into the rigged online slots to help you in avoiding them.

How Rigged Slots Dodge Players?

If you want to have a better understanding of the fraud online slots, you need to talk about the working of the actual slots. The digital gaming slots utilize the PRNG algorithm to see the outcome of each spin. To accomplish an original result generation, it uses randomness or entropy into the equation based on real-world factors like the system clock.

The PRNG of the slot works in favor or against the house, which usually encircles around 5 percent to 0.5 percent. If you translate it to the RTP, the range is between 95 percent to 99.5 percent.

In the case of the rigged online slots, the PRNG slots offer houses that are against the players. If any player spends around USD 100, it can lead to a payout of USD 10 to USD 40 after one hour of playing or more.

However, some online slots do not make use of the PRNG algorithm. These slot games keep doing frauds with a set of aimless premade results, thereby providing a petty return. Although these slots aim to cheat the players, they are generally predictable and prohibit people from playing before spending more.

On the contrary, the rigged online slots use the PRNG system to imitate original slots by giving decent payouts to the players. These slots urge the players to keep spending more and more while moving the jackpots on the screen but never pay it.

How To Protect Yourself From Rigged Slots?

Following are the ways through which you can protect yourself from these fraudsters:

·       Licensed Casinos

The licensed casinos have a legitimate license to operate an online casino. The Malta Gaming Authority and Kahnawake Gaming Commission are the regulatory bodies that follow a rigid set of rules and regulations. Therefore, you should determine whether the casinos are licensed or not. These casinos are clear about their bonuses and promotions. They obey some security measures to prevent fraudsters from stealing the personal information of the players.

·       Free Online Slots

The players should know that it is relatively risky to play online slots as they lack authenticity. The fake games work beyond legitimate ones with other assets like sounds and graphics. The new players do not know the difference between the real one and a fake one, which makes them prone to falling into the trap. So, they should play free online slots. Moreover, you can also watch the demo videos of the gameplay to understand the difference between an original and the fake one.

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